Why our milk?

Mother Cow Dairy is unique not only for how we care for our animals but also in how we process our milk. With our agrarian ethos rooted in traditional dairy farming we endeavour to keep our cows pure & healthy, our farmers rewarded & happy and our milk wholesome & natural. The final result of this noble approach to dairy is perhaps the most freshness packed pure milk you'd ever taste. .

Our cows are secured on a free-range farm where they are always away from force-feeding or other nasty practices of factory farming.

We dread the very idea of injecting hormones or antibiotics in the cows and keep our girls happy in a stress-free environment where they produce pure and natural calcium, a2 rich milk for you & your loved ones.

Our Milks Benefits

Our velvety milk stands out from the crowd on the following accounts:

  • Our cows are never caged but are rather pasture feed in a park like setting. They get to keep & feed their calves freely. They are perhaps the luckiest and happiest milk cows on the planet.
  • Our stress free cows produce milk which is rich, creamy, and naturally higher in calcium & a2 protein which makes for the best frothy coffee you’d fall in love with.
  • To optimize your health, our milk is free of any toxins that may be present in milk from cows injected with growth hormones or other drugs.
  • Our unhomogenised milk has all its natural awesomeness intact.
  • Our milk is without any additives or by-products. That’s how nature intends it and that’s how we deliver it to you.
  • Our small heard size enables us to keep consistent quality so the body, taste and texture of our milk stays the same throughout the year.
  • Our milk, our bottles, our crates, even our labels are made in Victoria. Our focus is generating local employment and giving back to the community.


Everyone benefits!

Health Benefits – Creamer in taste, lighter on tummy!

  • Our mission is to give Victorian’s milk which is optimal and consistent in its nutritional contents. Our protected-for- life heard is looked after like pets ensuring they have no stress hormones running in their bodies. The milk thus produced is free from any nasties that may be present in milk from cows treated with anti-biotics, growth hormones or other such production enhancing drugs.
  • Mother Cow milk thus is potent with naturally high calcium which is necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth. One cup of Mother Cow milk provides between a half to a third of calcium’s recommended daily intake for children (aged between 1-11 years) and around one third to a quarter of that for an adult.
  • Mother Cow milk is also naturally rich with other essential vitamins and minerals, like A, B2, B3, B6, B12, D, E, K and magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium which are all essential for healthy growth and upkeep of your body.

Farmer Benefits – Happy Farmer & Happier Cows & Healthier Milk

Our Famers Are Our Family

  • At Mother Cow Dairy we live by the principle of practical gratitude. We believe the best way to show gratitude is through practical service. Inspired by the same spirit we serve our cows out of gratitude for them. Our farmers are also the most important members of our small family. Our farmers are our long term partners and we are committed to treat them as you & we ourselves would want to be treated – fairly and with respect.
  • We pay our farmers premium remuneration for their share of hard work that goes into making possible the production of our premium milk. We don’t have a profiteering mindset at the expense of the wellbeing of our cows & our farmers.
  • Usually herd sizes can exceed 250 on dairy farms but at Mother Cow Dairy, our small heard of under 100 is well cared for by our well-equipped and experienced farmers.
  • Usually herd sizes can exceed 250 on dairy farms but at Mother Cow Dairy, our small heard of under 100 is well cared for by our well-equipped and experienced farmers.

Animal Wellbeing

Mother Cow Dairy is all about the complete wellbeing of cows. At our farm our cows are happy and why would they not be? They get to be with their calves always, watching over their babies grow, play and get up to all sort of mischief.

Our small free range heard of cows are unrestricted and graze naturally on fresh green grass out in the open under the gorgeous Victorian skies.

With plenty of shelter from the trees and a creek splashing untamed, if there is cow heaven on the planet, it has to be the Mother Cow Dairy farm!

Affectionately treated as individuals their entire lives our girls are never caged or set away. As may be commonly practiced at factory farms our girls are never treated with growth hormones to increase milk supply this ensures their bodies are as healthy in shape as are their stress-free minds.

Even after they stop giving milk, our girls continue to receive the same care and respect to live their natural course of life peacefully surrounded by their family & friends.

So, next time you buy our Mother Cow Milk, a portion of your purchase goes directly towards the noble act of animal welfare — supporting our cow retirement sanctuary for non-productive cows and bulls.