First Time in Australia Herd protected for life Cruelty Free & Slaughter-Free Milk Mum and Baby Stay together No Artificial Insemination Produced with Love & Care

Australia's Kindest Milk Cows, Bulls & Calves protected for life Cruelty-Free & Slaughter-Free Milk Mum and Baby Stay Together No Artificial Insemination Produced with Love & Care Ethical & Premium

Why our milk?




100% Australian Owned & Produced


Healthy & Wholesome


Pure & Fresh


Rich & Creamy


No Artifical Insemination


Karma and Guilt Free


No Hormones or Antibiotics


Free Range Grazing


Mum & Baby Stay Together


Premium Quality


Ethical Milk



Free Range Grazing

Produced with love & care

Australian Owned & Produced

Mother Cow Dairy is inspired by the Hare Krishna & Hindu ethos of Ahimsa. “Ahimsa” means “non-violent”, and so Ahimsa farming does not entail any harm to the animals or land.

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We love our herd like our own kids

Why our Milk?

Mother Cow Dairy is inspired by the Hare Krishna ethos of Ahimsa. “Ahimsa” means “non-violent”, and so Ahimsa farming does not entail any harm to the animals or land.

We are a Cow Protection Model. Our profit goes towards our Cow Sanctuary to ensure we can produce entirely slaughter free milk. Our mission is to make Slaughter-Free milk a reality, which gives people a real ethical choice.

It’s a misconception that a calf can drink all the milk her mum produces. In reality, a mother cow produces much more milk that a baby can drink in a day, and if that extra milk is not released, the udders can get infected. 

No parent would like to see their children suffer. So, why should we let cows and their calves suffer to feed our children industrialized milk, when there is a much better, healthier and more compassionate alternative?

Wellbeing of our herd is our top priority

Being a 100% cruelty-free dairy none of our cow, bull or calf are ever sent to slaughterhouse. They are looked after with love and care for the entire life. All our cows and bulls have unique personalities, each member of our herd has a name. We are completely slaughter free. We love our animals, and they love us too! Comfort, care & wellbeing of our herd is our top-priority. At our farm and sanctuary our herd enjoy their life in an open space under the sky. To us, nothing means more than happiness of our herd.

At our farm, mum and baby stay together. Our calves suckle from their mothers until they are fully satisfied and continue to do so until they are weaned. We strongly believe that babies have first and full right on their mum’s milk. Only left-over milk gets bottled.

We believe that artificial insemination is a ghastly practice. At Mother Cow Dairy, we let our cows to have full freedom to decide when they want to get pregnant and that is with 100% natural process. Our cows and bulls expand their family only when are ready.

Whether it’s about our cows, farmers, stockists a bitcoin mixer or consumers we maintain high ethics in our dealings. For us, honesty and integrity is the way go.

We are highly motivated to provide milk which is full of goodness. Our premium quality unhomogenised milk is rich, creamy and delicious. Most importantly, because of our happy and stress free process our cows naturally produce a healthy and wholesome milk with unique taste. Milk that you would love to drink every day.

We are 100% made in Australia and made for Australia. We support Australian local jobs and businesses. We believe in harmony, economic development and prosperity of Australia. We strive to become household choice of Australian families and communities

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So next time you purchase a bottle of milk, you consciously choose for what happens to dairy cows and their offspring.

Would you want them to be exploited and sacrificed in the name of cheap milk or you would prefer giving them a chance to live? It’s your choice!

By purchasing Mother Cow Dairy milk you are directly supporting our noble animal welfare initiative. At our cow Retirement Sanctuary mother cow, daddy bull and calves are protected for their entire life.

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