Mother Cow Dairy is inspired by the Hare Krishna & Hindu ethos of Ahimsa. “Ahimsa” means “non-violent”, and so Ahimsa farming does not entail any harm to the animals or land.

We are a Cow Profit Model. Our profit goes towards our Cow Sanctuary to ensure we can produce entirely slaughter free milk.

Our mission is to make Slaughter-Free milk a reality, which gives people a real ethical choice.

It’s a misconception that a calf can drink all the milk her mum produces. In reality, a mother cow produces much more milk that a baby can drink in a day, and if that extra milk is not released, the udders can get infected. 

No parent would like to see their children suffer. So why should we let cows and their calves suffer to feed our children industrialized milk, when there is a much better, healthier and more compassionate alternative?

Cruelty Free Milk

Slaughter Free Milk

Mum and baby stay together

Ethical milk

No Artificial insemination

Free Range Farming

Fresh, Healthy & Wholesome

Australian Owned and Produced



So next time you purchase a bottle of milk, you consciously choose for what happens to dairy cows and their offspring.

Would you want them to be exploited and sacrificed in the name of cheap milk or you would prefer giving them a chance to live? It's your choice!



Full cream


2 Litre



Our cows’ retirement fund is built into the price of Mother Cow Dairy Slaughter Free Milk, but we are a small company and would like to put a little more aside for those rainy days.

For example vets bills, or a rise in the price of hay and straw. We also guarantee that no male calves will ever be slaughtered on our watch, and we need funds to explore innovative and productive ways of working with bulls.

Cow sponsorship starts from as little as $5 a day. However, Donations of any size are of course most welcome for serving the herd !



At present, we have numerous non-productive cows and bulls at our sanctuary. Cows are retired to join their friends in the non-milking herd when they are past milking age where they spend their days eating grass and chewing the cud. We are looking at a variety of ways of working with non-productive bulls. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share!



Hear from happy customers

  • Parul Nanda
    Most amazingly tasty and guilt free milk to consume. So happy as it comes from torture free happy cows.
    Parul Nanda
  • Mother cow dairy milk stands out from other milks sold in the market in terms of taste, natural sweetness and amazingly creamy. The milk is better for health, the cows and the environment.

In a healthy body, a healthy mind.

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